20 American universities with the highest salaries

Caltech and MIT are the top two schools in the US, if calculated according to the average income of students 10 years after graduation.
According to New York Times data published at the end of March, graduates of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have the best income in the US. The average salary 10 years after graduation of this school's students is nearly 112,200 USD/year (more than 2.6 billion VND).
Right behind is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with more than 111,200 USD/year. These are the two leading prestigious schools in the US in the field of technology and engineering, regularly appearing in the top of the world university rankings.
The familiar corner at Caltech. Photo: USNews
In the Ivy League group alone with 8 private universities with the best training quality in the US, the University of Pennsylvania has the highest ranking (5th). The average income 10 years after graduation of graduates from this school is more than 103,200 USD/year. The two top positions are Harvey Mudd and Bentley Universities with student salaries of more than 107,000 and 103,000 USD respectively.
The Ivy League's Harvard, Yale, Columbia or Brown universities are not in the top 20.
Here are the top 20 schools for alumni earnings:
TT School Average income 10 years after graduation (USD/year)
1 California Institute of Technology 112.166
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT 111.222
3 Harvey Mudd University 108.988
4 Bentley University 107.974
5 University of Pennsylvania 103.246
6 Carnegie Mellon University 99.998
7 Stevens Institute of Technology 98.159
8 Stanford University 97.798
9 Georgetown University 96.375
10 Princeton University 95.689
11 Lehigh University 95.033
12 Kettering University 93.898
13 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 93.416
14 Santa Clara University 93.291
15 Duke University 93.115
16 Boston University 93.021
17 Dartmouth College 91.627
18 Cornell University 91.176
19 University of Bryant 91.105
20 Villanova University 90.613
This statistic was conducted by the New York Times with 883 universities, all of which are educational institutions with at least 500 students with more than 75% of students enrolled full-time and more than 50% graduating within 8 years. Specific schools such as military, maritime, and online universities are not considered.
The data used by this newspaper comes from the US Department of Education, Niche, Opportunity Insights.

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