Android users will soon be able to locate lost phones as easily as iPhones

If you've ever lost your Android phone, you've certainly used Google's Find My Device service . This is probably an effective way to locate your phone, as long as it's signed into your Google account and has an Internet connection.

But soon, you can use a crowdsourced network of Android devices to locate your lost devices without the need for any of the aforementioned.

XDA developers found a reference to "Find My Device network" in the code for the latest Google Play Services beta, with the string "Allows your phone to help locate your and other people's devices". your phone locates your device and that of others”.

It looks like Google is building out its Find My Device network, allowing other Android devices around the world to locate your device if it's nearby - via Bluetooth - and send that location to you.

Google's Find My Device service.Google's Find My Device service.

It looks like this feature is similar to what Apple is doing with Find My iPhone and AirTag services. Find My iPhone relies on an extensive device network that can help track lost or stolen Apple devices even when they're offline. Apple even expanded its ability to track devices with AirTag .

In fact, in the world, there are more Android devices than iPhones, so Google has the potential to build the most powerful and effective device search network.

Of course, at the moment, we don't know for sure if this feature will be released or not. But if it does, it will probably be in the upcoming Android 12 beta or in the final Android 12 release, which is expected to be released around September this year.

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