Apple helps turn iPhone cameras into webcams for MacBooks

If you feel that the webcam of the MacBooks from Apple is still poor, users can completely use their iPhone to improve the quality of video calls.
This will happen later this year when Apple starts selling a Belkin mount that allows users to clip an iPhone to the top of a MacBook . Then, while making a FaceTime call from the MacBook, users can use iPhone camera functions such as Portrait Mode, Center Stage, and Studio Light - a new feature that brightens the user's face and brightens the user's face. dark background behind. Users can also use their iPhone camera on other macOS apps, such as Zoom.

Without even adjusting to the phone, the iPhone camera can somehow provide a webcam mode for the computer and more likely use the wide-angle lens. This could be useful for an online math teacher who wants to write down the steps to solve an equation on a large board without using a tablet for corrections.

The new iPhone functionality is said to come from a tool called Apple's Continuity. The company will also introduce a new handoff feature that will make it easier for users to switch between devices while on a FaceTime call. So if you're on a FaceTime call on your iPhone, you can place the phone near your MacBook and seamlessly transfer the call to the laptop instead of hanging up and calling back.

These Apple features are expected to be released later this year, along with the Belkin mount. While this is fun and good, it's clear that Mac users have always wanted Apple to quickly put better cameras into their MacBooks.

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