Intel will produce chips for MediaTek

Intel and MediaTek just announced a strategic partnership to manufacture chips for "a wide range of advanced smart devices" using Intel Foundry Services (IFS), the third-party chip manufacturing arm of Intel Corporation. Intel. The aim is to help MediaTek build a "more resilient, balanced supply chain" with additional resources in the US and Europe.

MediaTek is a well-known chip designer that supplies processors for smartphones from OnePlus, Samsung and other manufacturers, with most of the capacity currently being handled by the giant TSMC. 

IFS President shared about the partnership with MediaTek

It seems that Intel will make chips for devices used in industrial computers, medical devices, IoT applications and more, it is unknown if IFS will produce MediaTek chips for smartphones in the future. This is also not the first time the two companies have collaborated, Intel is currently making chips used in MediaTek's 5G data card business, but this cooperation is considered to have a greater impact.

This partnership fulfills Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger's commitment to finding customers for his workshop business. Intel launches IFS in 2021 to capitalize on growing semiconductor manufacturing needs by offering "leading advanced process and packaging technologies," along with committed capacity in the US and Europe. . As one of the leading chip designers, MediaTek will be an important customer for Intel.


Last year, Intel announced it would make chips for Qualcomm as part of its factory launch. Intel also announced a strategy to catch up with rivals like TSMC and Samsung by 2025, kicking off with a $20 billion investment in two plants in Arizona. In late 2021, the administration of US President Joe Biden rejected Intel's plan to manufacture silicon wafers in China as a way to solve global chip shortage problems, citing security concerns.

The US Senate is set to vote on the CHIPS Act to support domestic semiconductor manufacturing with tax breaks and subsidies of up to $52 billion. However, some in the industry are concerned that the US may be too favorable to Intel, to the detriment of smaller manufacturers such as AMD, Qualcomm and NVIDIA. Those companies design their own chips but don't manufacture them, so won't benefit directly from the subsidy.

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