Reasons to hire Cloud Server

Along with the increasingly strong development of technology, services such as renting Cloud Server have become no longer strange to businesses. Let's find out with Viettel IDC what Cloud Server service is, and why we need to use it through the article below!

Reasons to hire Cloud Server

What is Cloud Server?
Cloud Server is a cloud computing server, operating on a virtual platform with hardware called “Hypervisors”. A Cloud Server will include basic resources such as RAM, CPU, operating system, ... and all of them are operated separately. This is why when you rent a Cloud Server, you will be using a dedicated server. 

Cloud Server supports many different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, ... and commits to using real resources for users.

In today's technology era, renting Cloud Server is the most complete solution. Cloud Server will automatically gather the idle resources of all other servers to provide your Website, providing the best user experience. This is the reason Cloud Server service has much higher speed than normal servers.
Reasons to hire Cloud Server

Let's take a look at Viettel IDC's reasons to hire Cloud Server:

Serving the needs of information storage
Until now, hiring Cloud Server to preserve information is very important for organizations and businesses. If you are using the Website for commercial purposes, storing customer information, product information, ... is indispensable. 

No need to worry about technical and operational problems
If you say that when you create your own server , you must completely hold the operation of the entire system, the necessary technical factors, then when renting a Cloud Server, these worries will be eliminated. The service providers renting Cloud Server will be responsible for the stable and efficient operation of the system, and you just need to rest assured to use the service.
When renting Cloud Server, everything is supported by the provider. If there is any problem, the supplier will also be responsible and quickly handle it for you. This is a benefit that is only available when you rent a Cloud Server. On the contrary, if you invest in your own server, you need to fix errors yourself, and must invest human and material resources to maintain the operating system. This can only be done when you are a large organization that can invest in a data center for yourself.

Easy management and remote access
Another reason to mention when renting Cloud Server is its flexibility and allows you to access your server anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a smart electronic device that can connect. Internet. Cloud Server's transmission is very stable, you don't need to worry about poor signal or connection loss when accessing remotely.

When renting Cloud Server, you will easily access it remotely

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Flexible customization
You can choose the operating system and configuration and storage parameters when renting Cloud Server to suit your needs. In addition, after your company grows stronger, and you need to expand factors such as storage capacity, processing speed, etc., you just need to notify the supplier, and After a few hours, your server has been upgraded according to your request.

This flexible customization ability will greatly support users, increasing convenience during use if the company changes its size or business plan.

High security
Cloud Server service allows backing up and backing up data, ensuring maximum safety for users' information. While renting Cloud Server, you can use a security system with many layers, combining full-time security and security of all data in / out on the system.

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In short, renting Cloud Server is a suitable choice for small and medium enterprises and organizations today. We hope this article was useful to you.

If you have a need to rent Cloud Server, choosing the leading reputable providers in the industry will reduce the risk in the process of using a lot. Viettel IDC is proud to be the leading prestigious unit in Vietnam, with a team of professional technical staff, committed to bringing you the best service experience. Viettel IDC's customer care service is always ready to advise 24/7 to solve customers' problems.

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