Top 3 best VPS providers in 2021

Are you looking for and renting the right VPS service for you? Let's take a look at the best VPS providers in 2021: Viettel IDC, Amazon VPS,... The following article will briefly explain to you about VPS services, as well as the advantages of each. provide reputable VPS in 2021.

Top 3 best VPS providers in 2021

What is VPS service?
VPS (Virtual Private Server - virtual server) is a modern technology, built by dividing a main physical server into many different virtual servers, with the same features as a private server. All these subservers are run and use common resources from that original physical server. 

 Although at first glance, VPS service is quite similar to Shared Hosting service , in that it allows users to store information in virtual containers, with the same common physical Server. But, these two services are not the same. When renting a VPS service, you will have a separate operating system, using dedicated resources and storage.

 This is the most basic concept of VPS service, if you want to learn more information, you can refer to the article: What is VPS and what do you need to know about VPS?

Top 3 best VPS providers in 2021: Viettel IDC, Amazon VPS, Goolge VPS
1. Viettel IDC
Up to now, Viettel IDC is still the leading company in Vietnam in providing reputable VPS rental services, surpassing even Amazon VPS services. Currently, Viettel IDC has upgraded a regular VPS service to a Cloud Server service . This has helped overcome all the disadvantages compared to previous VPS versions.
Some outstanding features when renting VPS services at Viettel IDC:

    - Extremely high security: Viettel IDC has built a Cloud Storage data storage system, with extremely strong configuration, built by big brands. In addition, the VPS service at Viettel IDC is combined with modern virtualization platforms, helping the VPS service to operate continuously without interruption. 

    - Flexibility when expanding resources: With VPS service at Viettel IDC, you only need to send a request, then Viettel IDC will expand resources for you quickly. You don't have to go to the machine room to buy and change equipment yourself.

    - Optimize costs for you: When renting VPS services at Viettel IDC, you only need to pay the cost for the resources you choose to use. This helps you to save maximum investment costs while still being able to use good quality services.

2. Amazon VPS Service
Perhaps you've heard of Amazon VPS service of "big man" Amazon - a worldwide hosting provider. In recent years, Amazon has launched the Amazon VPS service, putting great pressure on competition with other VPS service providers.
You may not know, Amazon VPS is also known as Amazon Lightsail - part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). When renting an Amazon VPS service, you will pay a fixed monthly fee based on the service plans you have selected. You can easily deploy different Web applications, Web servers to your liking using Amazon VPS. 
Monthly cost of using Amazon VPS

Amazon VPS will be a good choice for businesses, units or individual users who are in need of VPS virtual private server solutions with a "modest" cost. You can process, host, and manage your websites on the Amazon VPS cloud platform.
In short, Amazon VPS provides you with everything you need to make sure your project is up and running smoothly, including virtual machines, SSD storage resources, static IP addresses, etc. ..

3. Google VPS Service
The last VPS service provider that we want to mention is Google. Similar to Amazon VPS, this "giant" has been targeting the cloud platform market ( Google Cloud Platform ). Google VPS service is a service in the cloud computing service packages (Cloud Computing) of Google.
Google VPS provides users with three different storage tiers (standard, low-read, and permanent), with costs depending on the frequency of access. 
One advantage worth mentioning of Google VPS is the productivity of this service. Because of its ability to quickly access modern technological elements, Google can effectively deliver continuous updates. Besides, when renting VPS services at Google, you can access your information anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an electronic device that can connect to the Internet.

In fact, you can easily find VPS service providers in the current market. However, to choose a suitable supplier, not everyone can do it. Viettel IDC hopes to bring customers the most useful and quality services. Please contact us to choose the right service for your needs.

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