Video cards are still reeling in the price storm because of Bitcoin

Compared to a month ago, the price of VGA on the black market has inched up significantly according to a survey by ICTnews.

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When Bitcoin hit a new high in mid-March, it didn't take long for Ethereum to hit a new high in early April. Rising cryptocurrencies had a strong impact on the VGA market, which was already extremely scarce in time after the Lunar New Year.

According to a survey by ICTnews at that time, a new GTX 1660 Super cost about 10 million VND, now it has increased to 14 million VND after just over a month. Ancient video cards like GTX 750Ti also increased from 1.5 million to 2 million, even though the old purchase price was only 500,000 VND at the time when the coin price was not hot.

Gamers who sold out a good video card now have to use an old fireproof one.

Today's most advanced video cards such as the RTX 3060 Ti are obviously in a state of out-of-stock supply. On new/old VGA trading groups, the scene of buyers and sellers is still very busy. But when the seller offered the price, most of the buyers just asked for the price and then shook their heads and offered to lose.

The scarcity of VGA caused gamers to take advantage of this opportunity to sell video cards to make a profit, and now fall into a situation of crying and laughing when they can't buy a commensurate VGA.

"For a whole month, I turned on the computer to look at the desktop and then turned it off, is there anyone like me," lamented Nguyen Truong (Hanoi) next to a brand new gaming machine box, except for the GT 630 fireproof video card.

Truong may still be luckier than many people. Some gamers in extreme situations had to sell off the whole system because they no longer had a video card to play.

The VGA price storm is forecast to continue as Bitcoin and Ethereum are still on the verge of setting new records. Meanwhile, the global shortage of chips in all areas from car manufacturing to computer components makes the already scarce VGA even harder to find.

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