Windows 11: New features officially announced

Microsoft is announcing the next generation of Windows . There is a Windows 11 ISO file that has been leaked on a Chinese forum, you can install Windows 11 according to this detailed guide .

When is Windows 11 available?

Microsoft says it expects to start shipping new Windows 11 PCs this fall. Users who are using Windows 10 will also be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free at the same time. However, not everyone is offered the update right away.

Upgrading to Windows 11 will also be optional, meaning Windows 10 users will still be able to use Windows 10 until it is discontinued in 2025.

Official Windows 11 from Microsoft

Windows 11 is like a revamped version, changing from the startup sound to new application icons. Microsoft says Windows 11 is much faster than its predecessors.

Improved "wake" feature, Windows updates are up to 40% smaller and happen in the background, browsers will also be faster on this new operating system.

Microsoft says that this will be the most secure version of Windows.

Improved multitasking

Microsoft introduced new Windows 11 multitasking features, including a cleverly designed multitasking layout that lets you quickly switch to the part of the window you need.

Windows 11 will remember where you put your windows so you can quickly find and switch to them. This Task view button is located right next to the widget on the taskbar.

If you use a laptop and a desktop at the same time, when you switch to a laptop, Windows will remember the position of the windows and immediately return them to the correct position for you. This feature will also work when you use multiple monitors, and reconnect to a previously used monitor.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams will be integrated directly into Windows 11, you can find its icon in the middle of the taskbar. With just a few clicks, you can video call, chat with anyone, no matter what device they use, on any platform.

Improved experience on touch devices

Windows 11 can handle both mouse, keyboard and touch well. When using touch mode, the taskbar icons will automatically expand, creating more space for easier touch.

There is a touch keyboard that looks like a keyboard on a mobile phone. You can swipe your finger to enter characters, using the spacebar as a trackpad.

You can enter voice input if you are lazy to type. This feature has been greatly improved, can automatically break sentences and accept voice commands.


In the Windows 11 demo, Microsoft introduced AI-powered widgets that bring news, weather forecasts, and your favorite content right to the screen. The widget icon will be in the taskbar, you just need to click to see the information.

Widget on leak is said to be Windows 11

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store has also been improved. The streaming tab now integrates more streaming services, allowing you to cast content from your device to your TV.

Microsoft Store was rebuilt from the ground up to improve speed. The application category is also expanding, allowing for Win 32 apps, PWA, UWP and others. Developers can also use their own engine and will keep 100% of the revenue (if any).

Microsoft introduced Disney+ and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite on the Microsoft Store

Android Apps on Windows

The most interesting announcement is that Windows 11 supports Android apps.

Using Intel technology, Windows 11 will let you use Android apps on your computer. They are available in the Microsoft Store through the Amazon App Store.

Android apps will stay in the taskbar like other apps, and you can easily drag the app window around the screen.

Play games on Windows 11

Microsoft kicks off Windows 11 gaming intro with Auto HDR. This feature was available on Xbox Series X, and is now coming to Windows 11.

More than 1,000 games will be automatically improved on Windows 11 devices without any input from players or developers.

Another new Xbox feature is the Direct Storage API. PCs with Direct Storage will have faster load times, enhanced graphics, allowing the storage device to load content without stressing the CPU.

The Xbox App will support Game Pass's cloud gaming service, allowing you to play any Game Pass games, even if they're not included in Game Pass for PC.

New features of Windows 11 on leaked ISO version

Support WDDM 3.0 . display driver

The main feature of version 3.0 is support for the GUI interface for WSL. It allows Linux systems installed on WSL to manage VRAM directly, providing better performance for applications.

Windows 11 supports WDDM 3.0


New Windows logo.New Windows logo.

The first change that users will see is the new Windows logo. This is a simpler version of the Windows 10 logo.

According to BleepingComputer, the Windows out-of-box experience (OOBE) has received an overhaul with new colors, graphics, and a setup wizard.

Microsoft has also introduced a new light and dark mode default wallpaper in Windows 11, as shown below.

Start Menu

New Windows 11 Start Menu.New Windows 11 Start Menu.

The most important change Windows users will notice is the new Windows 11 Start Menu .

Borrowed directly from Windows 10X, the new Windows 11 Start Menu floats above the taskbar and is aligned in the center of the screen.

Users can change the position of the Start Menu from the center to the left side of the screen using the Windows 11 taskbar options.

Settings in the Taskbar.Settings in the Taskbar.

The new Start menu will be the change that users can easily recognize in Windows 11 and the change that will take the longest time for users to get used to.

As Windows users around the world install the leaked build, the new features are likely to be "revealed" and shared before Microsoft's upcoming Windows event.

Note, leaked builds can be faked to infect your computer with malware or viruses. Therefore, be very careful if you install this leaked build of Windows 11. Presumably, you should only install the leaked build on virtual machines or other secured devices.

Windows 11 Tablet Improvements

Tablet mode has been one of Windows' weak points since Windows 8.

However, the most important feature currently rumored is a new "gesture layer", which will sit above the user interface and allow users to perform hover-like actions on the screen. touch.

Using the pen and voice is also expected to receive a nice tweak, with a new look for voice and a context menu for the pen.

These tablet features could be a showpiece for Windows 11, especially with future Microsoft Surface products.

Other features

It is rumored that Microsoft will include battery usage statistics in the Settings app. Smartphones have had this feature for years, but it's been absent from Windows.

Other rumored features include the ability to uninstall most pre-installed Microsoft apps, improved snap support for external monitors, and a panel for your Microsoft Account in the taskbar.

Also, recent test builds have suggested that the taskbar and File Explorer process commonly found in Task Manager appear to be segregated.

BleepingComputer has reached out to Microsoft to confirm if the leaked build is legit but has not received a response so far.

Earlier on June 4, well-known and trusted reporter Evan Blass also suggested that the upcoming version of Microsoft's desktop operating system could be called Windows 11.

Microsoft hasn't made any official announcement on whether to release Windows 11 or not. Everything is still just speculation.

Windows 11 image

Below are screenshots of a few features on the leaked version that is said to be Windows 11.

But the taskbar now does all that is pinning applications. Right-clicking on the taskbar will only install the taskbar, without as many options as before. And need to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open task manager .

At 10 pm on June 24, the event will be held and maybe the name of the new Windows version will be revealed. Let's wait and see if it is Windows 11!

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