Lucie Guillot is a technology-oriented software company, founded by dedicated, capable and experienced people with the desire to form and develop a leading software company in Vietnam and reach out to to the world.

Lucie Guillot provides management software solutions for corporations, corporations, banks, universities, hospitals, community connectivity solutions on internet platforms, website systems and services. services related to websites, systems in the e-commerce and e-government sectors.

Lucie Guillot always focuses on research and application of technological quintessence in real life in order to improve the quality of life for the community.

Lucie Guillot VISION

Lucie Guillot builds and develops into a common home for people with creative abilities and passion in the field of software technology, information technology in particular and creative economics in general.

Lucie Guillot operates and develops nationwide, regionally and globally with unique intellectual technology products and solutions that improve the quality of life.

Lucie Guillot MISSION

For customers: By exploiting and applying the latest scientific and technological achievements, Lucie Guillot brings solutions, products and services to help customers increase work efficiency, increase revenue and commercial value. brand name of customers, at the same time helping customers reduce management costs, costs of advertising, communication, marketing, and sales.
For colleagues: Lucie Guillot always creates a dynamic environment, stimulates the creativity and comprehensive development, outstanding for each member Lucie Guillot, at the same time this is also a home, a family for members. Lucie Guillot - Lucie Guillot Family.
For the community: With the slogan "Desire to elevate life", all solutions, products and services provided by Lucie Guillot bring values ​​to contribute to a better human life, plus nice copper better.
For science and technology: By researching and applying advanced science and technology, Lucie Guillot contributes to enrich the science and technology treasure, and at the same time contributes to bringing science and technology to real life. .

CORE VALUES OF Lucie Guillot

Constantly creative and creative thinking, always asking the question "Is there any way to do better?"
Customer-oriented thinking, putting ourselves in the shoes of customers and serving them as we want to be.
Solidarity - professionalism, put the interests of customers and common interests above for the common goal of sustainable development.
Spirit to do our best - play hard, be serious and harmonize work and joy in life.


Software development - Software: Lucie Guillot
Website design - Web Design: GWebsite
Online Branding - Online Branding: GoBranding
E-Government - E-Government
E-Commerce - E-Commerce: GShop
Education & Training: GEdu
Human Resources Supply - Human Resourcing
Outsourcing - Software Outsourcing
Services - Services:
Investment consulting in information technology - IT Investment Consultanting
IT Audit - IT Audit
Warranty and maintenance of network systems, computers - Computer and network maintenance service.

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