11 ways to help cancer patients take care of themselves

Patients prioritize healthy foods, exercise, spend relaxing time like reading, jogging ... to stay healthy.

After the period of treatment in hospital, patients should be cared for and cared for at home. In addition, the support of family, friends and patients should proactively equip knowledge, practice and relax to make the spiritual life and body healthier, according to Webmd.

Fruit, vegetables, protein, cereal foods are more nutritious than junk food. A scientific, nutritious meal can help you manage treatment side effects, stabilize weight, boost the immune system.

Provide enough water
In the absence of water, the body underperforms. Water helps to flush harmful substances out of the body through urine, sweat. An average adult needs 2-2.5 liters of water a day, helping the body balance minerals. Patients can drink more when the body is sweating, vomiting or diarrhea.

Do exercise
Advocacy helps improve health, improve the mood of the patient. If you are just starting out, consult your doctor first. The patient begins to take steps, maintaining for 30 minutes every day. Regular exercise helps prevent some cancers from returning.

Take time to relax
When the sick person feels tired, take time to rest. The patient relaxes by reading, walking, watching movies or doing things he likes ...

Learn knowledge about the disease
When you live with cancer, it is important to equip yourself with the knowledge. The patient actively learns about the typical side effects during, after treatment. That helps patients not be surprised, ready to face.

Talk about your problems
In life, cancer patients will feel tired, worried ... Now, instead of hiding in your heart, you can confide in friends and relatives ... This helps you psychologically okay. specified, receive quality advice.

Go massage
To relax, patients find a reputable address to massage. Methods to reduce stress, reduce pain ...

Traditional Chinese remedies, which can help relieve nausea, some cancer-related pain. Patients should consult their treating physician when seeking this method.

Relax with the music
 Music enhances your mood, listening to a song, writing lyrics, playing an instrument helps control nausea and pain.

Personal hygiene
Shaving, taking a shower, wearing some clean, comfortable clothes, these simple things can help lift your spirits.

Make friend
Joining a cancer support group can help reduce anxiety and depression. Getting acquainted with people with cancer gives you a place to share stress, reduce loneliness.

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