AI 'refreshes' the scene for paintings

Dall-E 2, the software developed by OpenAI, integrates the "outpainting" feature, which can create the exterior of any work of art.

With the new function, Dall-E 2 can "imagining" parts that are outside the work. According to OpenAI, this AI system has the task of creating a new context but still matches the original image in both color and content.

The work "Girl with pearl earrings" after being expanded. Photo: Johannes Vermeer

For example, the famous painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by artist Johannes Vermeer originally only featured a girl. Dall-E 2 added a room full of furniture, lamps, potted plants, wooden boxes and other objects.

The video, made by expert August Kamp, shows that the painting is gradually expanded based on AI suggestions, until the performer feels it best.

An expanded content creation process for the painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring". Video: August Kamp

The new feature of Dall-E 2 quickly attracted users. Many people have used these works of art, using this AI to create new, many of which have funny and funny content.

There are already some AIs that have the ability to expand image content like Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. However, according to The Verge , Dall-E 2 makes a difference when new works are more creative, harmonious and "soul".

The work "She Monalisa" after being refreshed by Dall-E 2. Photo: DallE2AI

Previously, Dall-E 2 also impressed when it allowed to convert text describing content into images. The new program was opened as a beta to users, with more than a million accounts granted access. Each account can use 50 free photo creation times in the first month and 15 times in the following month. If there is more demand, they can buy 115 times for 15 USD.

OpenAI said it is planning to provide Dall-E 2 program for people with needs such as painters, graphic design experts, who need to edit digital photos... but only on a small scale. The system also has filters that prevent users from creating inappropriate images.

"This is not a product," said Mira Murati, head of research at OpenAI. "The goal is to be able to understand the possibilities and limitations, while allowing us to reduce the workload."

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