All the things you didn't know about Google Cloud Free

What is Google Cloud Platform?
Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing platform that helps users build and launch their own applications on Google's system. Some popular applications in Google Cloud Free are: Chrome, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Search,...

Google Cloud Platform is responsible for helping customers solve all problems such as: Mobile, Management, Networking, Developer, Storage, Big Data,.... Thereby, you can see, Google Cloud Platform is a service. utilities, helping businesses to focus on performing other jobs to develop their businesses, without worrying about the system below.

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What is Google Cloud Free?
Google Cloud Free is a Google incentive program that allows users to use Google Cloud Platform for free. Google is trying to create more incentives for users to easily use their cloud computing platform with certain services.  

This article is the Vietnamese translation of the article posted on Google Cloud Blog:” Make “Gartner names Google Cloud a Leader in Operational Database Management Systems “ .

Gartner rated Google Cloud as a leader in its “Quadrant Magic 2019 for Active Database Management System” report. This news reflects what we hear from our customers: the Google Cloud database is flexible, open, and easy to use. These include our fully compatible managed services for popular database engines such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Redis, and cloud-based relational and non-relational databases. Scalable clouds like Cloud Spanner, Cloud Bigtable, and Cloud Firestore, plus fully managed partner services like MongoDB Atlas, and Redis Enterprise. You can also run proprietary database workloads on Google Compute Engine.

Enterprise database in production
We've heard great stories from our customers about using Google Cloud databases to run their businesses with greater ease and flexibility. Our database solutions meet different needs for scalability and power.

Game company Bandai Namco Entertainment needed fast scalability, global networking, and real-time analytics to serve Dragon Ball Legends game users. They initially considered splitting MySQL to handle scaling, but opted for Cloud Spanner. Because it was so consistent, fully managed, and scaled seamlessly, Cloud Spanner powered the game rollout and allowed millions of players worldwide to play without downtime.

One of the New York Times media outlet Google Cloud customers found our Cloud Firestore database service to be a good fit as they built a real-time collaboration tool that allows multiple publishers to work together. Writers and editors change documents at the same time, keeping track of what's latest. Cloud Firestore is designed for this type of task, as it supports offline and real-time syncing.

Cloud computing is considered an inevitable trend in the current digital transformation era. Therefore, the Google Cloud Free service of the "big man" Google was born. This is a powerful and very popular service platform in the world, and especially you don't need to spend any money to use it. Let's learn more about this free Google Cloud Platform service with Viettel IDC!

Advantages of Google Cloud Free
Google Cloud Free service has many outstanding advantages and benefits. Below, we'll list some of the main ideas for you:

    - Ability to work from anywhere: You can access your information and data anywhere in the world, through Web applications that have been provided by Google. This point will bring the best convenience to users.

    - Bring more productivity: Because Google has the ability to access modern technology quickly, so Google will always make sure to provide and release new updates continuously for users. . You will always be using the most modern, advanced applications.

    - Less interruption during use: As mentioned, Google always updates the most modern features and applications for users, so new functions will be updated in a continuous stream. Therefore, your work will not be interrupted.

    - High security: Google Cloud Free has very high security services, implemented and guaranteed by a team of leading Google IT experts. Customers can rest assured to use Google Cloud Free service.

    - Storage: Up to 5GB per month in the US, 5,000 Class A activities plus 50,000 Class B activities.

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Disadvantages of Google Cloud Free
However, the Google Cloud Free service also has certain disadvantages when using it:

  - Some customizations are limited to GCPs such as BigQuery, Datastore, Spanner,...

   - Customer support service is still quite limited and lacking, especially for businesses in Vietnam

    - Documentation is still poor.

    - Unable to add GPUs to my virtual servers

    - Cannot be used on 8 Cores at the same time

    - Can't ask to increase the configuration of the machine I'm using

    - Unable to build VM instances based on Windows Server images

   - After a period of free use, the cost to continue using the Google Cloud Free service is up to about $ 300 in Credit, users will have to pay for the types of services, information and data that they use. use.

Above is the entire share of Viettel IDC about the Google Cloud Free service. Hopefully, through this article, you have had the most overview and better understanding of Google Cloud Platform as well as Google Cloud Free. Besides, if you are looking for Cloud service providers in Vietnam, Viettel IDC will be one of the ideal choices.

Viettel IDC - The leading prestigious unit in Vietnam specializing in providing all kinds of services about Cloud Server, data center,... We are confident to bring you the best quality service experience. Viettel IDC's experienced consulting team is always ready to support you 24/7.

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