New Porsche Cayenne price from 5.5 billion VND

Upgraded luxury SUV model focusing on experience, digital cockpit, new generation chassis, priced at 5.5-14.3 billion VND.
On September 21, Porsche Vietnam introduced the new Cayenne to the market. The 3rd generation luxury SUV is fully upgraded, from chassis, interior design to engine. These upgrades are aimed at the driving experience.
Spacious luggage compartment.
Porsche launches new Cayenne in Vietnam.
Cayenne has just sold 5 versions, priced from 5.5 to 14.3 billion VND.
New Cayenne's appearance is slightly upgraded.
The rear of the car stands out with LED taillights.
New matrix LED headlights.
Rims with sporty design spokes. Red brake calipers on Cayenne S.
The LED taillights have a seamless design, spanning the entire width of the vehicle.
Spacious luggage compartment.
Porsche launches new Cayenne in Vietnam.
Compared to the old version, the new Cayenne's appearance has not changed much. The highlight lies in the new optional LED matrix headlight cluster, providing a variety of lighting styles according to each driving condition, automatically adjusting brightness. New design bonnet. LED taillight cluster with seamless design across the vehicle's width. The German car company added a choice of 3 new paint colors and 20-22 inch rim options.
The newly designed Cayenne interior focuses on the driving experience, what Porsche calls the digital cockpit. Dashboard design inherited from Taycan . Behind the steering wheel, a curved 12.6-inch digital dashboard with many different display options. Optional HUD head-up display. In the middle is a 12.3-inch entertainment screen, supporting Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connection, and comes with Spotify and Apple Music applications.
For the first time, Porsche has equipped a 10.9-inch screen exclusively for front-seat passengers. This screen displays performance data, providing private access and the infotainment system. The new gear lever cluster is similar to the Taycan, placed between the dashboard and entertainment screen.
The new steering wheel is taken from the Porsche 911 , with an integrated Drive Mode knob, allowing quick selection of many driving modes such as Normal, Off-road, Sport, Sport Plus. In addition, the new Cayenne also has a new air quality control system.
To increase the driving experience, Porsche equips the Cayenne with functions such as active speed limiter, emergency steering assist, cornering assist, and adaptive cruise control system.
Another upgrade on the new Cayenne is the chassis with a new two-valve suspension system. In some other markets, this two-valve suspension system is optional, while in Vietnam it is standard equipment.
The knob for quick selection of driving modes is integrated on the steering wheel.
New interior design of Cayenne 2023.
The new steering wheel is similar to the Porsche 911.
Curved 12.6-inch digital dashboard.
10.25 inch entertainment screen.
10.9 inch screen for the front seat occupants.
The clock featured on the Cayenne.
Air conditioning system control panel.
New gear lever on Cayenne, same as Taycan.
Front seats on the new Cayenne.
Rear seat space.
Air conditioning vents for the rear seats.
The knob for quick selection of driving modes is integrated on the steering wheel.
New interior design of Cayenne 2023.
The new Cayenne has 3 engine options. Including 3.0 V6 engine on standard Cayenne, 348 horsepower, maximum torque of 500 Nm, an increase of 12 horsepower and 50 Nm compared to before. The twin-turbo 4.0 V8 engine installed on the Cayenne S produces 467 horsepower, maximum torque of 600 Nm, an increase of 33 horsepower and an increase of 50 Nm compared to the old version.
The most advanced version Cayenne Turbo GT is equipped with a 4.0 V8 twin-turbo engine, with a capacity of 649 horsepower, an increase of 18 horsepower compared to the previous version. The car accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds and has a maximum speed of 305 km/h. While the Cayenne S accelerates in 4.7 seconds.
Porsche Cayenne sells 5 versions in the Vietnamese market, detailed prices are in the table below.
Porsche Cayenne 2023 Price ( billion VND )
Cayenne Standard 5,56
Cayenne Coupe 5,81
Cayenne S 7,7
Cayenne S Coupe 8,07
Cayenne Turbo GT 14,36
Luong Dung
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