Google servers down because of the heat

UK Many websites cannot be accessed due to the cooling system of the data center Google and Oracle having problems due to overheating.

Google Cloud's problem reporting page on July 20 said that this service had problems from July 19, until the night of July 20 to fix it. According to the description, many Cloud products are reported to have "high failure rates, high latency, or are unavailable in the London area", on Google 's europe-west2 cluster .

A Google data center. Photo: Google

"A cooling-related issue in one of the buildings containing the europe-west2 cluster, is affecting multiple cloud services," the report reads, and says the cooling system has been fixed, but needs to be fixed. investigate further to minimize the risks involved.

According to The Register , the incident affected many storage and processing services such as BigQuery, SQL, and Kubernetes on July 20. Many websites built on WordPress and hosted by WP Engine, which use the Google Cloud platform, have also been shut down.

Google says it must power off part of the system and limit the launch of GCE virtual machines to avoid device damage or potentially prolonged power outages.

The incident of Google Cloud took place in the context that the UK was experiencing a period of record heat. The temperature in the eastern part of this country was recorded at 40.3 degrees Celsius, the highest level for a country with a temperate climate.

In addition to Google, another big company, Oracle , was also affected by hot weather. The company's data center in the south of England experienced cooling problems and was down, leaving many customers unable to access or use resources on the Oracle cloud infrastructure.

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