Harrison Ford shines in 'Indiana Jones 5'

Actor Harrison Ford, 81, plays a fight scene on the roof of a train, riding a horse in the middle of the street in the adventure blockbuster "Indiana Jones 5".

Indiana Jones 5 and the rotation of fate marked the return of Harrison Ford to the famous movie series. With an investment of 295 million USD, the project is one of the biggest budget movies in Hollywood history.

The work opens with the setting in 1944, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) discovers Antikythera - a spinning wheel invented by scientist Archimedes. Nearly 30 years later, Jones is a professor about to retire, facing the risk of marriage breaking after the death of his son. After years of giving up adventures, he accidentally gets caught up in the hunt for the wheel with Helena (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) - his goddaughter. From here, he discovered that this treasure has the ability to help people return to the past and change history.

Harrison Ford returns to action movies after 15 years in "Indiana Jones 5". Photo: Disney

During nearly two and a half hours, Harrison Ford showed the form of a veteran star. After more than 40 years taking on the role of Indiana Jones, the actor fully portrays the style of the ceiling and the goofiness - which is the attraction of the legendary character. The beginning of the film recreates Indiana Jones in middle age, the actor's face is rejuvenated thanks to CGI effects. The scene of Jones melee with the enemy on the train is dramatic and humorous, reminiscent of the action scenes that marked Harrison Ford in previous parts.

In the context of 1969, when he was old, Jones still did not lose his old spirit. Hunted by the enemy for treasure clues, he rode his horse, dashing through the parade on New York Street to escape. Harrison Ford completed the scene without the help of a cascadeur. The crew once said that when the director "hooked" to cut, he got angry because the stunt team offered to help him get off the horse.

The scenes of Jones and Helena driving in pursuit of looters of antiquities, fighting enemies in the middle of the sea create drama. Before joining the project, Ford spent many months working out to close the chase scenes, jumping out of planes. The actor once suffered a shoulder muscle injury, had to rest for nearly two months after a fight scene with his co-star Mads Mikkelsen . On the Hollywood Reporter, Mikkelsen likened Harrison to a "monster" when filming from night to 5 the next day, he was still able to cycle 50 km.

Harrison Ford's introspective acting evokes emotions in scenes depicting Jones's heartbreak. When not holding a whip, wearing a felt hat, Jones is just a lonely old man, failed in marriage. When Helena asked Jones what he would do if he went back to the past, he replied that he just wanted to prevent his son from going to the army so that he wouldn't have to die in battle, so that he and his wife wouldn't fall apart. According to Empire Online , Ford continues to prove attractive with the classic role after a series of mainly supporting roles. Professional site Rotten Tomatoes rated Harrison Ford as a "treasure of cinema" when returning to the action genre in Indiana Jones 5.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Helena, Indiana's antiquities foster daughter. Photo: Disney

On the sideline, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the highlight thanks to her youthful features when playing a girl who loves antiquities. The character Helena initially accidentally made Jones enter the reluctant hunt, then became his effective partner. Smart, adventurous, Helena awakens Jones' adventure blood, reminding him of a bygone era. Mads Mikkelsen's role as researcher Voller has a deep, ambitious look when he wants to change history.

According to critics, the main weakness of the work lies in the abuse of CGI. The Vulture site rated the film as rich in entertainment, but did not bring as much drama as the previous four parts. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a score of 67% "fresh tomatoes" from more than 300 film critics and 89% from the audience.

Indiana Jones first hit the big screen in 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark . Over 40 years, the four Indiana Jones episodes grossed nearly $2 billion worldwide, creating a cultural impact. the masses for generations.

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