People still say, drinking coffee is not just ...

It is said that drinking coffee is not just about enjoying a play, drinking coffee has gradually become a cultural feature, to push the story, to move away from the hierarchy, to relieve the late. bother and to find about memories. At every step of the way people walk, there will be stories to talk about coffee. Every drop of coffee is a drop that touches the depths of the heart and soul. Loneliness is there but on the black coffee cup, one sees that life seems to be left with only one thing, that is wandering, adventure, and immersing yourself in the slow breath of time. Growing up will be lonely, but growing up people will find life with lonely moments to realize how exciting it is to be like drinking coffee, after the bitterness at the tip of the tongue gradually gradually feel the pleasant sweet aroma spread throughout the body, penetrating into each neuron making people lucid, smooth and pleasant.

Referring to coffee, Saigon has racket coffee, Hanoi has filter coffee. Despite the different ways of mixing, the drinker still has to wait. Waiting is not only a flavor, but also a quintessential essence, accumulated through every slowdown with life. For those who drink coffee, living is to wait. From a habit to a small hobby, people gradually find that everything in life just need to wait patiently will greatly reduce the damage. Waiting for a second red light, slowing down a few kilometers, will reduce many traffic accidents Wait a minute in line, how many people are not irritably tired. Waiting is never a disadvantage, because life only takes steps to hasten and not take steps that give way.

Then, life suddenly fit into a cup of coffee. Just a bitter black water that people have contemplated so many lives, truths, love and memories. Turns out, it seems to drink on yourself the kind of bitter black water like this drink is to drink into a soul. Farmers' soul has cultivated and cultivated. The artist's soul has accurately calculated each batch of roasted coffee. The soul of the artist has successfully prepared a great cup of coffee from flavor to image. The soul of the romantic, she enjoyed it.

Coffee has come into the life of Vietnamese since the French arrived here. Coffee gradually moved from the hidden corner to the bustling places, from the pockets of the rich to the modest pockets of the workers, coffee became a strong spiritual cohesion. No matter who he is, what he does, as long as he loves coffee in the morning, he will sit on the old stool listed on the sidewalk, waiting to enjoy coffee in an old glass cup. It turned yellow, on top of which the filter was also colored by coffee, by the time, listening to the Trinh music emanating from the loudspeaker. A new day will begin like that.

And maybe people will end the day with coffee. But in a quieter way. For me, coffee has never been and will never be something of a crowd, noisy and urgent. The more alone, the better coffee, the darker, the deeper, the deeper. Only in silence, people can open up their inner feelings. At the time of opening, everything lived fast, lived quickly, coffee was probably the only thing that kept people waiting to wait, to think. Inside a cup of drip coffee, people spread their hearts in the joys and sorrows, the memories seemed to have fallen asleep, the emotions seemed to be hardened by the turbulent life.

I will sip coffee, with jazz songs, sometimes Trinh songs. Perhaps, only those who have understood the pain, instilled the feeling of embryo, and the pain of loneliness can create the most appropriate music to blend with the bitter nature of coffee. Sometimes people turn to coffee not because they like to drink but to find something they think is lost. So there are moments, I brewed myself a cup of hot coffee, hugged it in my lap, inhaled the aroma, but did not drink, just to find the things that had drifted far away.

Anyway, wine for pain, coffee for sadness, but sadness for drinking for all, let the bottom of the heart immediately? Then just live slowly, the coffee will melt and sadness will ease ... Life is sometimes as fun as stirring the spoon, listening to the clink of spoon touching the cup, coffee is not just for drinking and sadness Not just to forget.

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