Share with you 5 tips to become a "hard" programmer

Hi guys, it's me again! In previous posts, I have shared with you the factors to become a more comprehensive programmer.

If you haven't read it, you can refer to it here:  5 factors to become a more comprehensive programmer

Being a comprehensive person is difficult, but becoming a comprehensive programmer is even more difficult, because it requires you to balance many different aspects of your life.

But if it's shortened, just in terms of technical aspects, how to become a "hard" programmer?

Well, in this article, I will share with you 5 tips to "can" become a programmer with good technical skills.

#first. Read books and specialized materials
There are now countless channels for programmers to improve their technical expertise, such as online courses, face-to-face courses, etc.

But if you notice the good guys, they rarely study like that, they rarely sit and watch online courses or go to the centers to "teach".

On the contrary, you see that they often read specialized books (English), or directly read documents about technology or programming language that they want to learn.

The characteristic of this way of learning is that learners have to be persistent, have good background knowledge, have solid specialized English.. it is quite boring but it is an extremely effective way to be able to firmly grasp the knowledge they have. want to learn.

Try to ask, how many devs here are patient enough to read a book up to 1000 pages long or qualified to read and understand what's inside?

The reason is like I just said, simply because most of the books and documents they write are quite academic, not in the form of tutorials, so it's normal for a normal dev to get bored reading the docs.

That's why hard programmers are those who have all of the above factors. It's hard work, not everyone can do it, so not everyone can excel.

#2. Work hard to code, work hard to tinker
Talking about working hard, many of you will say that programming is very difficult, it is not enough to work hard.

This thinking is completely right but it is a bit subjective, because you have invisible to think that learning programming is difficult, but it is difficult to be smart to learn, but if you are smart, you do not have to work hard. be smart.

But in reality, that's not the case guys, people with talent and intelligence, I don't say, but most programmers or programmers are not too good people, too excellent as you think.

Yes, I admit that programming is not easy, but learning anything has its difficulties. So sometimes you just need to work hard, practice hard, and accumulate experience to be able to program "good", not to mention the innate intellectual ability.

Second, if you want to study well in information technology in general and in programming in particular, you "should" be an inquisitive, curious person, and always ask yourself why?

Technological knowledge is like a big sea and has different states, constantly changing day by day, hour by hour, even minute by minute.

If you are not the type of person who works hard to learn, then I am sure, you can only last 1-2 years in this industry.

#3. Training multi-dimensional thinking, generalizing problems
One of the difficult things when you learn to program is that a problem can be solved in many different ways.

More precisely, sometimes you have a problem A, you think it can be solved by way of B, and you rush to find out that way B.

But in fact, to solve problem A, you can use a much simpler C way.

This is probably the eternal story of those who have just started working or just learned to program. Most of us focus too much on how to solve the problem, instead of asking how the problem should be solved.

Multidimensional thinking is extremely important not only for programming work, but for most mental work, you should apply multidimensional thinking and know how to generalize problems.

When thinking in many directions, it will help you see the problem in a more general way, even with many "masters" when having difficult problems, they also solve it in a single note thanks to their deep and wide knowledge, plus their general thinking.

#4. Learn from other "masters"
If learning from the "masters" was easy, everyone in this world would have become a master. In the programming industry, learning from others is even more difficult. Why?

The answer is very simple: it lies in each person's thinking, different thinking makes it very difficult to understand each other.

Not to mention learning is a process, "masters" in the programming world are very stubborn people, they accumulate knowledge and experience every day.

Learning from them requires learners to have the same qualities, it may take time and accumulate over the years, but I believe that learning from others is one of the fastest and most effective ways to learn. as much as you can learn.

For example, there are techniques they take time to think, learn, read countless documents to understand. Then they pass on the knowledge to you, so don't you save a lot of time and still grasp that knowledge?

So, if you have the opportunity to work with the "masters", take advantage and learn from them and you will improve very quickly.

#5. Hard-headed
Talking about the " hard programmers " I've met, they have one thing in common that is very stubborn. So what is stupid?

Simply, if you see a guy doing programming that the more difficult the bug, the more difficult it is, and can sit all day to fix the bug or optimize the program, for example, that is the "stubbornness" I am talking about. .

I also don't know if this can be practiced or not because you have to be really passionate about the job, you feel happy and excited when solving difficult problems to be so stubborn.

Sometimes I feel it comes from each person's personality, formed and trained in study, work and life.

In short, this is more of a sign of a hard programmer than a secret to becoming a hard programmer.

#6. Epilogue
Actually, I also don't like to use the word "secret", but more precisely, it is the factors or things that you should do to be a good programmer.

The limit of how "good" it is, you probably already have your own standards.

In short, it will depend a lot on yourself, your efforts and initiative. When there is effort and a right direction, sooner or later you will be better.

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