Solar battery cleaning robot can climb 45 degrees

Israeli company Blade Ranger introduces Pleco automatic dusting robot that can increase the energy conversion efficiency of solar cells by 30%.

As the world moves towards renewable energy solutions, solar cells emerge as the first choice as the cost of battery production has decreased over time and the performance is improving day by day. Even so, scaling still has many challenges, such as dirt. According to the International Energy Agency, dust-covered solar panels can cause billions of dollars in damage annually by reducing electricity production.

On giant solar farms, where solar panels stretch for miles, cleaning them manually is labor-intensive, expensive and carries potential risks, from workplace injuries to workplace injuries. Occupational hazards for cleaning crews.

Blade Ranger has come up with a simple alternative. All the user needs to do is "put an order" to clean the Pleco robot on the control panel and press the start button. The robot will do the job on its own without human intervention, Interesting Engineering reported on January 30.

The Pleco robot demonstrates its ability to clean solar cells. Video: Blade Ranger

Each Pleco robot can clean up to 400 square meters of solar cells per hour. Equipped with vacuum technology, they can climb 45 degrees without slipping. It is also the lightest robot of its kind on the market, weighing only 20 kg. Blade Ranger also recently successfully tested the delivery of robots by drone.

One of the other key features of Pleco is that it uses no water, which contributes to the sustainability of the entire cleaning process. In addition, Blade Ranger has developed a dedicated platform to monitor and analyze real-time data on the cleaning process of solar cells. According to the company's statement, their solution can help harvest 30% more energy.

Pleco is also powered by artificial intelligence (AI), allowing for detailed information on preventive maintenance requirements. When deployed regularly, the robot can detect problems early and analyze the cause to fix it. By providing a sustainable and reliable cleaning solution, Blade Ranger is aiming for a future where solar energy can be widely harnessed.

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