'Transformers 7' tops US box office - beautiful effects, thin script

"Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" grossed $60.5 million over its three-day weekend in the US.

The film grossed another $110 million internationally, bringing its global total to $170.5 million. The achievement helped Transformers season seven lead the weekend box office.

Set in 1994, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts tells the story of Earth facing disaster Unicron - a giant robot, capable of swallowing planets. The Maximals - beast-shaped machines, awakened after hundreds of years, combined with the Autobots (transforming robots) - against the villains. Accompanying them are two ordinary people - former soldier Noah (Anthony Ramos) and archaeological research worker Elena (Dominique Fishback).

Trailer "Transformers: Rise of the Beast". Video: Paramount Pictures

Anthony Ramos - playing former soldier Noah - told EW : "For Transformers fans , the new movie means a lot. They look forward to seeing familiar characters, especially Unicron."

In addition, Transformers 7 learns Bumblebee (the 2018 Transformers movie ) how to build realistic characters. Therefore, the character in the new part has a closer personality, more suitable for the audience's tastes. On CinemaScore , the film received an A-, in addition to the opinion that the film invested in special effects but the script was weak.

Favorite character Optimus Prime in Transformers 7. Photo: Paramount Pictures

The fan favorite Optimus Prime character in "Transformers 7". Photo: Paramount Pictures

According to Deadline , the high revenue is a good sign after the revenue of Transformers parts decreased slightly, especially The Last Knight (2017) did not perform well. After 16 years of pursuing the brand of the robot army, the studio has reason to believe that the theme "has not died".

* 'Transformers' - beautiful effects, thin script

Competing closely with the movie is Spider Man: Across the Spider-Verse . In early June, the movie about Spider-Man opened successfully in the first week with more than 120 million USD. At the end of the second weekend, the work brought in $ 55.4 million, $ 5 million less than Transformer. Currently, the two films are "equal to each other" on the box office race track.

Thanks to the good sales of the movies, the US box office summer (May 1 to June 11) flourished, up 5% from 2022, according to Comscore . Analysts hope that with blockbusters The Flash , Elemental coming into the race, the box office situation will be more and more positive.

In addition to the top two films, at the weekend, the sales of The Little Mermaid , Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, The Boogeyman all dropped sharply, more than 40% compared to the previous week.

'Transformers' - beautiful effects, thin script
"Transformers: Rise of the Beast" showcases robot battles, but the story is thin, with a predictable ending.

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Trailer "Transformers 7". Video: Paramount Pictures

The seventh installment in the transforming robot series directed by Steven Caple Jr. perform. Set in 1994, the work introduces the event that Earth faces the Unicron disaster - a giant robot, capable of swallowing planets.

When Unicron's minions are sent, the Maximals - beast-shaped machines - awaken after hundreds of years, teaming up with the Autobots (transforming robots) - to fight the villains. Accompanying them are two ordinary people - former soldier Noah (Anthony Ramos) and archaeological research worker Elena (Dominique Fishback).

Excerpt from the scene of giant robots confronting in "Transformers 7". Video: Paramount Pictures

The work promotes the strength of technique . The director builds the climax with the confrontation between the Maximal and the Scourge - the most destructive enemy. The shape of the Maximal cast - the robots that appeared for the first time - are detailed, showing the magnificence of the summoned beasts. Optimus Primal is a gorilla form with a size of nearly four meters, with fists that carry great destructive power. Airazor is a falcon with a huge wingspan, defense and intelligence. Cheetor has a fierce appearance of a jaguar, outstanding speed.

The Autobots' ability to transform - the series' familiar cast of characters - excites viewers through smooth CGI effects. In one scene, the robot Mirage and the character Noah escape the pursuit of the police group by transforming into a series of similar Porsche cars. At times, robots transform from a large displacement motorcycle into a warrior with advanced weapons, or giant machines disguised as pickup trucks.

The great war scene at the end of the film pushes the drama, evoking a sense of tragedy. At this time, Unicron opened the portal to space and began to swallow the Earth. Humans are faced with a catastrophe of destruction, two groups of Autobot and Maximal decide to engage in a situation of one loss, another to protect the world. The scene where Noah transforms with Mirage robot, assisting Optimus Prime to stop the enemy, becomes the highlight of the ending.

"Transformers 7" entertains viewers with explosive techniques and speed. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Scoring in the visuals, the film bears a similar script to many previous installments with an easy-to-predict ending. In addition to the story line about the robots, the story revolves around two characters Noah and Elena are deployed in parallel.

The director chose a familiar motif with the sci-fi series: Two characters belong to a disadvantaged group in society but are suddenly assigned the responsibility of saving the world. Noah - the male lead - has to find a job to support his family, including his sick brother. Elena is an intern who is often assigned errands by her boss. They unknowingly hold the secret of the key that opens the portal - the only way to stop Unicron.

The story of Noah is poorly exploited. In a near-lost situation, Noah still turned the situation around thanks to a supportive sentence from his brother. The relationship between Noah and Elena has not been fully exploited, just stopping at the level of two partners supporting each other in the trip to save the Earth.

Critics called the Transformers 7 story "easy to watch but also easy to forget". Vulture 's Bilge Ebiri said: "The scenario is still the same but the previous installments. Humans discover robots, villains wield magic that can destroy the Earth. Humans and machines combine and find a place to fight the enemy together, this time Peru."

On Rogerebert's website , Christy Lemire commented that Transformers 7 could be summed up as "the constant battles of big, shiny metal machines banging loudly". However, on Rotten Tomatoes , the film received 91% positive reviews from viewers.

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