Why shouldn't you close apps on Android phones?

Many factors prove that frequently closing apps on Android is counterproductive.

Let's look at that list of factors in detail and learn some of the performance-related myths in the process.

1. Closing Android apps doesn't increase your phone's battery life

Many people think that background apps are constantly using up the phone's battery. However, those apps shouldn't be the cause of battery drain, and closing them frequently won't increase your phone's battery life.

The Android ecosystem has evolved over the years, and its advanced battery management features don't let background apps negatively affect your phone's battery life.

2. Android phones won't run foreground apps any faster

Another myth is that if you stop apps from running in the background, apps in the foreground will run faster. However, this is not true because Android intelligently manages your RAM while keeping many apps in memory. It doesn't let those apps affect the phone's performance.

Besides, when you reopen an application that runs in the background that Android has stored in RAM, this application will pop up immediately because it is already available in memory. As a result, your phone will respond faster if you leave apps running in the background. There's no reason to constantly close apps when you'll have them open a while later.

3. Close apps that consume more CPU power

If you keep closing and relaunching the app, your phone's CPU will have to expend energy to process those commands each time.

Since your applications are better off staying in memory, your CPU usage in these instructions is a waste of processing power. Also, many apps relaunch background processes even after you close the main app. So there's no point in trying to close them over and over again.

4. Frequently closing and relaunching apps consumes more battery

When you make your phone's processor use up power when performing repetitive commands, such as launching an app and then closing it, it inevitably consumes more battery power in the process. this program.

Let's say your goal when closing background apps is to save battery. In this case, you should instead perform other battery-saving actions such as lowering the brightness, turning off notifications, or switching to power saving mode. These are the methods that will really save you battery life.

5. Background apps won't affect mobile data much

You can restrict background data for specific Android apps to save your mobile data. Besides, half-sleeping background apps don't use much data.

Go to the menu: Settings > Apps > See all apps mentioned earlier, Android gives you options to restrict how apps use data, notifications, and battery. You're better off setting those restrictions for peace of mind.

6. Android phone will automatically close unnecessary apps

Android has become smart enough to understand which apps stay active and which ones close. Its memory management algorithm works by removing unused applications from memory in case RAM is full.

In other words, your Android phone will automatically handle unnecessary apps. You don't need to constantly delete apps from memory to boost your device's performance. Modern versions of Android are smart enough to know which apps you use most often and which ones don't.

When should you close apps on Android?

There are definitely exceptions where you should close some Android apps. A major exception is when one or more of your applications crashes or crashes. In such a situation, closing these apps is your immediate solution.

Another situation where closing an app would make sense is when you're done using it, especially "heavy" apps like games or navigation apps... 

You can also close some apps that you don't need to organize your app switcher. Having too many apps in the app switcher can be difficult to manage, and finding a single app out of many can be difficult.

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