X hides the Iranian leader's post about the Hamas attack on Israel

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"Mr. Khamenei's position makes it clear that the real goal is to destroy Israel, not just support the Palestinians. That will not happen. What has happened decade after decade is a cycle of violence." Force and revenge never end. Sparking the fire of hatred does not work. Maybe now is the time to consider another way," Elon Musk, X's boss, wrote on social networks on October 8.

Musk mentioned a post on the same day by Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei, which posted a video recording a group of people fleeing a concert in Israel when they heard gunfire.

Hidden post of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on October 8. Screenshots

"Pray to God, the disease of the Jewish regime will be eliminated at the hands of the Palestinian people and resistance forces throughout the region," Mr. Khamenei wrote.

This post was hidden by X but not deleted, users can still choose to view the content if they want. The social network posted a message "the post violated X's rules. However, X has determined that the public may still want the post to remain".

Previously, American billionaire Musk canceled a number of speech rules on X after taking over the platform, including the decision to unblock a number of accounts banned by the Anti-Defamation League, a non-governmental organization. Jews based in America, considered anti-Semitic.

American billionaire Elon Musk in Paris, France, June 16. Photo: Reuters

The Hamas armed forces controlling the Gaza Strip on October 7 suddenly attacked with thousands of rockets and coordinated raids by land, paragliding in the air, and by sea, simultaneously attacking many towns and settlements. Israel. The Israeli government immediately declared a state of war on the same day, ordering the air force to deploy dozens of fighter jets to attack targets in the Gaza Strip.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on October 9 that more than 700 people in this country have died since Hamas launched the attack. Gaza officials reported at least 413 deaths in the area.

Hamas said it received "direct support" from Iran for the attack on Israel. Iran has not responded to the information. The US is investigating Iran's role in the Hamas attack on Israel, but has not seen evidence of this Muslim country's involvement.

Overview of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Graphics: CNN

The tragedy of Palestinian civilians after Hamas attacked Israel
Tens of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are living in fear and an uncertain future as fighting breaks out between Hamas and Israeli forces.  10

The US has not seen evidence that Iran supported the Hamas attack
US Secretary of State Blinken and Washington officials said they are looking into Iran's role in the Hamas attack on Israel, but have not seen evidence. 

Israel and the Gaza Strip after 'dark days'
Chaos, fire and pain still cover Israel and the Gaza Strip, one day after a surprise attack by Hamas forces.  15

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