Zeiss seeks to increase influence in the smartphone camera market

In the near future, Zeiss is expected to expand its influence in the smartphone camera market through partnerships with more brands.

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Zeiss Group, a German-based company specializing in optical electronics and optical products, is looking to expand its influence in the mobile market as demand for imaging technology grows. .

Zeiss is known for manufacturing eyeglasses, binoculars and camera lenses. In an effort to further expand its presence in the smartphone camera market, Zeiss China, a subsidiary of Zeiss in the Chinese market, has partnered with smartphone maker Vivo and launched the Vivo X60 series.

Smartphone manufacturers are currently working with optical image sensor manufacturers to further improve the camera performance of their devices. This combination brings unique camera features and enhances the user's photography experience.

Maximilian Foerst, President and CEO of Zeiss China, said that the company is committed to developing mobile imaging technology because it sees the huge potential of this extremely dynamic market. He added that mobile imaging technology will be the key differentiator and key driver of the worldwide mobile market.

Vivo and Zeiss are also setting up a joint research and development program called Vivo ZEISS Imaging Lab. The program will focus on developing innovative solutions for mobile imaging technology. In addition, the program will contribute to overseeing the joint development and technical synchronization of optical components on many of Vivo's flagship models.

Zeiss previously worked with Nokia to produce its smartphone line. Similarly, Huawei also has a partnership with Leica, while OnePlus recently established a partnership with Hasselblad. Samsung has also previously partnered with Olympus to enhance the camera experience on its flagships.

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