'2 in 1' wind turbine produces clean electricity 24/7

Soleolico Company combines the production of two clean energy sources in one turbine design, ensuring continuous power supply all day.

Soleolico's wind turbine design not only produces wind and solar power but also helps filter air. Photo: Soleolico

Energy company Soleolico on October 6 introduced the world's first wind turbine with solar cells installed in the rotating blades to collect wind and solar energy to produce electricity 24/7 at the Magdalena palace in Santander. Soleolico's technology revolves around a patented magnetic system, which helps adjust the windward direction of each solar turbine to harvest energy in 360 degrees, according to Design Boom .

According to Soleolico, the foundation of solar wind turbines comes from more than 10 years of research and 30 prototypes, in addition to designs that combine wind and solar power storage production in the same unit. The energy company also incorporated a rough white 3D-printed shell that resembles a tree stump, using partner LaMáquina's Pure.Tech technology, which absorbs and converts carbon-containing emissions into clean air. A Soleolico turbine was installed outside the Magdalena palace for the public to visit.

Soleolico said its turbines are reasonably priced and can operate without an external power station. By harnessing green energy from both wind and the sun, their technology ensures a continuous supply of energy. The design is flexible and compact, reducing installation complexity and avoiding impact on topsoil. The turbine model has three versions, including a Bespoke version designed by architect Firàs Safieddine and a version connected directly to high voltage transmission lines and electricity poles.

According to Soleolico, their "2 in 1" wind turbine is 25% more efficient than current wind turbines. The technology makes no noise and operates at low speeds, allowing birds to safely perch on top of the turbine.

For businesses, solar panels can be adjusted to display signs or billboards. Soleolico has not revealed plans to mass produce the turbine model, but the model on display at the Magdalena palace can help the public visualize 24/7 renewable electricity production.

An Khang (Theo Design Boom)

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