Microsoft just canceled an update itself due to a slowdown in Windows 10

Earlier this year, Microsoft released a mandatory update with the number KB4559309 to bring Microsoft Edge to Chromium kernel on users' machines. This update is installed automatically, so to block it users only have to pre-install the new Edge.

Soon after, a lot of people complained about the KB4559309 update causing their computers to slow down. Users report other performance issues like 2 to 3 times more boot time. Currently, Microsoft has yet to find the cause of this problem.

Even more annoying is that KB4559309 is automatically installed and after the installation is completed users can not remove it like other updates. Microsoft confirmed that it was aware of the issue based on user reports. Microsoft also offers a solution to avoid annoying users.

Microsoft just canceled a Windows 10 update itselfMicrosoft just canceled a Windows 10 update itself

Specifically, the software giant self-destructed the KB4559309 update and replaced it with KB4576754. According to initial feedback, later updates do not cause any problems for users.

"This new update replaces the previous updates including KB4541301, KB4541302 and KB4559309," Microsoft said.

KB4576754 for Windows 10 was released on August 31st and is still running stable so far. KB4576754 is also automatically installed and brings the new Edge browser to Windows 10 instead of Edge Legacy.

Microsoft is also getting ready to roll out the second major update of 2020, Windows 10 20H2. Expected, this update will be launched in October next.

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