The girl lost 60 kg in a year

BELGIUM From a doctor's warning about the risk of obesity which can cause cancer or stroke, Chanika Castermans, 25, lost 60 kg in a year.

In March 2021, Chanika Castermans, living in Antwerp, weighing 131 kg, set a challenge to lose 15 kg in 8 weeks. With a strict diet and exercise regimen, she is still 116 kg, but the doctor considers this weight still a serious health risk.

Half a year later, Castermans underwent gastric bypass surgery, then persevered in exercise and healthy diet, helping to lose another 60 kg and maintain the ideal weight to date. The weight loss process makes the woman's muscles and skin become flabby and weak, so she works out 4-5 days a week to regain muscle and strength. She lifts weights with exercises that focus on the upper or lower body.

"It's hard to maintain an ideal weight if you don't watch your weight and just eat or do whatever you want. Gastric bypass surgery or not, any weight loss journey is arduous." Casttermans shared, adding that maintaining determination and perseverance is the most difficult thing.

David Chesworth, director of weight loss training programs at Hilton Head Health in South Carolina, USA, said that in order to maintain an ideal weight after losing fat, people need to combine both nutrition and exercise. In it, nutrition is the main focus of efforts to stay in shape.

"Exercise alone is a poor weight loss strategy. It's best to consider exercise as the perfect complement to your diet in your weight loss journey," says Chesworth.

Nutritionist Kimberly Gomer, who has more than 25 years of experience coaching clients on health and fitness, advises dieters to avoid processed foods at all costs. These treats contain added sugars, processed flours as well as loads of additives and chemicals, which are addictive or fattening.

"They are the number one enemy of weight loss. Instead, choose a diet full of foods including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, starches, and legumes. ", said Gomer.

She stressed it's important to pursue long-term goals and make lifestyle changes, rather than trying to lose a few extra pounds, "and then give up and never maintain your ideal weight again." According to Gomer, the key to effective weight loss lies not in a strict diet, but in choosing foods that can aid in the journey to getting in shape.

"Dieting is the most restrictive and potentially unhealthy thing to do for weight loss. It's important to make the right changes to your lifestyle in a sustainable and healthy way," says Gomer.

Besides, people should use vegetables as the main foundation in the diet. This food will provide vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that promote health, energy and weight loss. Besides, women need to drink a lot of water, specifically drinking large glasses of water before each meal.

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