5 unexpected habits that cause hormonal disorders without girls knowing

The hormone disorder in women not only causes the body to age quickly but also affects your mood and emotions. Here are some bad habits that affect hormones that girls should fix right now.

Eat lots of sweets

Snacks like cakes, milk tea, etc. often contain a lot of sugar, which makes it easier to gain weight and control insulin resistance in the body. However, you should understand that insulin is a hormone that aids the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream to provide the necessary energy for cells. Therefore, when your body is insulin resistant, you are at high risk of developing diabetes and hormone disorders.

Drink coffee late at night

The best time to drink coffee is after 10 am and before that, make sure you have a full breakfast. However, if you accidentally drink coffee late at night, your brain will be stimulated and promote the body to produce more cortisol hormone.

This is a hormone that not only increases stress, but also makes your round 2 store more fat, while also reversing your inherent hormone balance.

Excessive diet and diet

Diets have now become a popular trend among young people. However, if you keep on a hard diet for a long time, it can affect the production of estrogen hormone, thereby causing hormone disorders.

When the body drops too much of the hormone estrogen, the girl may experience some problems such as menstrual changes, wrinkled skin, and constant hair loss.

Lazy workout

Exercise not only improves endurance and mental clarity, but also helps prevent many diseases effectively. Therefore, you need to maintain a regular exercise routine of up to 5 sessions / week. Exercise will help your body produce enough endorphins, boost your brain's excitement and make you feel happier.

On the contrary, if you are too lazy to exercise, your body will be drowsy, tired, easy to lose balance and lead to hormonal disorders.

Not getting enough sleep

Many girls have the habit of staying up late to work or surf facebook, watch movies online ... all night. However, the consequence of staying up late is that the eyes will darken the next morning and affect the intelligence of the brain.

When you encounter this condition, the hormone cortisol will increase and cause a lot of fat stored in the abdomen. Besides, cortisol is also a hormone that affects the balance of hormones in the body.

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