Habits that make you die faster than getting cancer, smoking too many people unexpectedly

This is the habit that will make you die faster than getting cancer, smoking too many people with unexpected - keep in mind to avoid buying yourself. According to a research article published in the American journal "Cells", people who eat meat regularly are four times more likely to get cancer and have a shorter life span than those who don't eat meat regularly.

This is similar to a higher risk of smokers dying of cancer than non-smokers. The ratio of people who eat a lot of meat with cancer is also thought to be equivalent to the number of smokers with cancer.

Therefore, it is advisable not only to use animal protein (to eat animal meat), but also to use more plant-based protein sources with an appropriate amount of substitutes (plant protein is more abundant in nuts. ).

Considered the "No. 1 killer" in developed countries. Research by Harvard University shows that the average blood pressure of vegetarians decreases markedly compared to those who eat meat; Blood cholesterol levels of meat eaters are many times higher than that of vegetarians and are the main cause of atherosclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction, stroke ... Therefore, the Heart Association The United States has recommended that a vegetarian diet can prevent 90 - 97% of cardiovascular diseases.


A diet high in meat, especially high-fat meats, increases fatty acids and triglycerides - the cause of type II diabetes. Because the excess fatty acids in the blood and triglycerides inhibit the action of insulin, this results in a normal or slightly elevated blood insulin level but the patient's blood sugar is high. If you correct this mistake by switching to a vegetarian diet, your blood sugar level will decrease and your fatty acid level will also be at a safe level.


The reason that meat is high in cancer is because of meat preservatives. Because meat is rich in protein, it is easy to rot, some unscrupulous business people have soaked meat with preservatives such as nitrite, nitrate ... To consumers, we just wash, prepare and cook cooked meat.

But even though meat is cooked, it does not decompose. When we eat into the intestine, these substances combine with the amino acids to make nitrosamines which are carcinogenic. On the other hand, many farmers have used growth stimulants, substances that induce cravings, sleep, hormones, antibiotics ... for animals to grow quickly. On the other hand, when animals are sick and have tumors, they still slaughter and sell cattle to the market.

Consumers, because they do not see the headset, still eat carefree without knowing that the meat is full of toxic substances that can cause mild illness to cancer. Many people due to their eating habits only eat meat but very few eat vegetables so they are prone to constipation, stagnant toxins, making cancer more likely to develop.

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