Post-beautification trauma in the famous London cosmetic street

22-YEAR-OLD TAYLFORTH felt the rope pulling across his face to his eyebrows as he had his nose lifted with thread in one of London's most popular cosmetic neighborhoods.

Millie Taylforth, 22, severely damaged her nose after having plastic surgery. Photo: NY Post

As someone who has a "high tolerance for pain", Taylforth still considers this to be one of the worst procedures he has ever experienced.

Taylforth decided to have a lattice lift and rhinoplasty with polydioxanone (PDO) sutures, as many celebrities have done. She went to Harley Street - known as London's most famous plastic surgery street. The staff of the cosmetology facility advises to perform PDO, a rhinoplasty procedure with a medical thread inserted under the skin, stretching the bridge of the nose and shaping it in place.

The girl said she was traumatized after the "terrible" surgery. She is not too satisfied with the results, but thinks her face needs time to recover. Taylforth left the hospital with a red nose, the point of the thread at the tip swollen like a pimple.

A few days passed, and her nose was still excruciatingly painful and inflamed. Taylforth went to the salon for a checkup, and the staff didn't seem to care about anything she said, but admitted that the rhinoplasty procedure went wrong.

The surgeon left the excess thread too long, causing her body to react to reject the grafted thread to replace the nasal cartilage. This is a normal reaction in cosmetic or implant surgery. A few days later, the thread came loose from Taylforth's nose.

"I couldn't believe my eyes. White threads flowed out from my nose bit by bit, bit by bit," the girl said. Doctors used a thread to lift the nose during surgery, but parts of it broke down as the body tried to remove the foreign object.

After minor surgery to remove the thread, Taylforth's wound began to heal.

Taylforth admits he didn't do too much research before deciding to have plastic surgery. She spent about 27,000 USD for the surgery, the results only lasted two months.

She is one of many people who are hurt after poor quality cosmetic procedures. The American Academy of Reconstructive and Reconstructive Surgery reports that 75% of doctors report a spike in the number of clients under the age of 30 over the past 5 years.

Increased demand led to an increase in scams and failed surgeries. A young woman in Los Angeles recently shocked after sharing free lip filler injections that caused her face to swell.

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